spiritual art and architecture

Welcome and thank you for visiting my portfolio of drawings and paintings. I am a medium who uses the visual arts to channels souls, spirit guides, visionary cities and abstract geometries from celestial realms. Entering a trancelike state using music to alter and raise my vibration, I connect with the higher realm and energetically pull down spontaneous images into my hand to draw.

When I began producing architectural and ļ¬gurative work in 1993, my only goal was to be guided by otherworldly forces. At the start, I hoped to contact my unconscious and a higher realm, to transcend the every day and inspire life with deeper meaning. I wanted to create experiences that elevated our vision beyond this world, perhaps capturing something divine. Through practice and intuition I have come to understand myself as a channel to the spirit world. The process is a magical journey and it has inspired and strengthened my own spirituality. My intention for every piece was, and still is, to request that unknown forces take hold of my consciousness and direct my hand. Using only my imagination, I continually bring forth fresh spiritual realities.

I like to think of this work as a collaboration of love and healing between worlds, as my soul connects with spiritual energy. It is exciting for me to bring to you the work from this alchemical process. I believe art can help pull aside the thin veil that obscures our view of the world of spirit, and bring us closer to the divine, towards a world of unconditional love and acceptance.